General Actuarial & Data Analytics Advice

The Power of Predictive Modelling: Turning Data into Actionable Insights

At Brett & Watson, we understand that managing risks and obligations is not just about crunching numbers and analysing data. It’s about anticipating the future, making sense of complex information, and making decisions that will shape the course of your business or organisation.

We believe that data analytics is not just a tool or a service, but a powerful way of understanding the world around us. By using advanced analytics and modelling techniques, we can help our clients make more accurate predictions about expected future returns, manage risk more effectively, and optimise their business performance based on hard numbers.

But our vision goes beyond. We want to help our clients see their sector in a whole new way. By looking at the drivers and indicators of bad debts, for example, we can help organisations in the social housing sector identify new ways to manage risk and maximise their impact on the community.

We also believe that our role as actuaries is to help organisations close the gap between their present scenarios and what could be. By providing a meaningful measure of the gap, we can give our clients the data they need to make informed decisions and optimise their business performance.

So whether you need help measuring your workers’ compensation liability, predicting how much your roadside assistance services will cost, measuring the credit risks of your receivables, or managing your rental bond pool (as we have done for various clients), our team of experienced actuaries is here to help. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a tailored approach that helps them navigate the complex world of financial risk and obligation management with confidence.

Long Service Leave Liability & Other Employee Liability Valuations

We assist clients in assessing and valuing their long service leave obligations in accordance with relevant accounting standards. Our approach is tailored to the client’s specific needs, allowing for factors such as employee entitlements, turnover rates, and discount rates. We also help organisations determine how much they need to set aside for long service leave by estimating how many employees will take leave and under what circumstances. As well as long service leave, we have experience in the valuation of superannuation, annual leave, sick leave banks and other bespoke employee benefit arrangements.

Risk Analysis

Our team provides expert risk analysis to help clients identify, quantify, and manage their risks. We use sophisticated modelling techniques to evaluate various risk scenarios, including climate-related causes, and provide recommendations for risk mitigation strategies. We also assist businesses with assessing their property portfolio and determining appropriate insurance coverage (recently done for a religious organisation).

Financial Projections

We assist clients in developing financial projections to support their strategic planning and decision-making. Our projections are based on robust assumptions and allow for factors such as market trends, regulatory changes, and economic conditions. We provide advice on the health and sustainability of businesses and organisations and help them price their products and services appropriately.

Matching Investments To Liabilities

We help clients optimise their investment portfolios by aligning them with their specific liabilities. Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of each client’s unique risk profile and investment objectives. For example, we have advised a government organisation on how to manage funds for their rental bond pool. In another case we have advised a university on making informed decisions about their management of scholarship funds. By analysing investment opportunities, we can provide guidance on how to sustain their scholarships for years to come.

Unit Pricing

Our team can assist Friendly Societies with unit pricing, which involves determining the unit price of investments in managed funds. We use actuarial techniques to calculate the fair value of units and ensure that pricing is consistent with regulatory requirements.

Other Friendly Society Work

We have experience in Appointed Actuary services, actuarial valuation reports, Financial Condition Reports, new product development and pricing.

Retirement Village Valuations

We provide comprehensive valuations for retirement villages, allowing for factors such as occupancy rates, inflation, discount rates, and capital expenditure. Our approach is tailored to the specific needs of each client as well as the uniqueness of the sector.

Data Analytics

We use advanced data analytics techniques to help clients extract insights from their data. Our team has extensive experience in data management, data visualisation, and predictive analytics, providing clients with valuable insights to support their decision-making processes. Examples of the way clients may utilise our data analytics service include developing tools for claims estimation and identifying key drivers of claims performance, loan default or bad debts.

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