Building Wisdom

Building Wisdom

Helping you navigate the future in an increasingly uncertain world.

At Brett & Watson, we firmly believe that data-driven decisions are the cornerstone of success for any business. Our passion lies in unlocking the power of data to propel your business forward, and we are committed to helping you discover the wealth of opportunities that lie within your data.

We are an experienced provider of actuarial services, working with leaders in sectors ranging from legal, education, and government to healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Where is the market headed for your sector? Our predictive modelling can help you make decisions with confidence.

Our expertise in liability valuations, performance analysis, premium rating, and insurance coverage review has earned us the trust of some of the most reputable companies in Australia. Explore our website to learn more about how we can help you unlock the power of data and make more informed, data-driven decisions for your business. Click on the relevant sector to find out more.

Workers Compensation

We specialise in providing actuarial services for the Workers Compensation sector, helping clients manage claims, estimate liabilities, and determine financial feasibility.

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General Actuarial & Data Analytics Advice

Empowering businesses to make informed decisions through advanced analytics and modelling.

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Valuations for Legal Purposes

Our team of experts provides reliable valuations to assist legal firms in determining appropriate compensation and advice.

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General Insurance

Tailored services to help insurers navigate the complex world of general insurance and provide accurate and fair pricing, liability valuations, and coverage reviews.

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What makes us your perfect partner?

Clients in every mainland state

Over 50 self-insurers work with us

Over 30 years of knowledge and experience

Modelling the future for strategic decision-making.

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