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When the facts change, we don’t just change our mind. We help you foresee the impact on your business.

At Brett & Watson, we are more than just experts in actuarial sciences; we are visionary leaders with a deep understanding of the ever-changing landscape of various industries. With over three decades of experience, we have watched these sectors evolve, and now, we have evolved our vision, purpose, and values to better serve our clients and the sectors they work in.

Our approach to actuarial sciences is rooted in the belief that data analytics is not merely a tool but a powerful lens through which we can understand the world around us. By leveraging cutting-edge analytics and modeling techniques, we empower our clients to make more accurate predictions, manage risk more effectively, and optimise business performance with hard numbers as their guide.

With a rich tapestry of expertise across diverse sectors, including General Insurance, Valuations for Legal Purposes, Workers Compensation, and General Actuarial & Data Analytics Advice, we have honed our skills to address unique challenges faced by each industry. 

With in-depth knowledge of actuarial sciences, we continuously evolve with the industries we serve, unlocking the true potential of data to drive growth, sustainability, and success. Our passion lies in helping companies and organisations explore new avenues and discover opportunities within their existing data, propelling them towards a future of endless possibilities.

We help clients look at their sectors from entirely new perspectives. By delving into the drivers and indicators of risk, we uncover hidden opportunities and innovative ways to manage uncertainty and maximise impact on the community.

Our tailored approach and attention to detail give clients the confidence they need to make informed decisions. Whether it’s measuring workers’ compensation liability, predicting costs for roadside assistance services, assessing credit risks, or managing rental bond pools, our experienced actuaries are here to shape the future of financial risk and obligation management.

Workers Compensation

We specialise in providing actuarial services for the Workers Compensation sector, helping clients manage claims, estimate liabilities, and determine financial feasibility.

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General Actuarial & Data Analytics Advice

Empowering businesses to make informed decisions through advanced analytics and modelling.

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Valuations for Legal Purposes

Our team of experts provides reliable valuations to assist legal firms in determining appropriate compensation and advice.

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General Insurance

Tailored services to help insurers navigate the complex world of general insurance and provide accurate and fair pricing, liability valuations, and coverage reviews.

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Powerful analysis to empower your decisions

Modelling the future for strategic decision-making.

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